Goodnight, See you!

Goodnight, See you!

“So finally, you admit that you fell for me. But remember, we have met just once. I may not be as good as you thinking. I may be cruel, I may be crazy, I may be mad, anything, demon beside this face.”

“So, you believe in love at first sight!”. “No, not at all”, I replied. “If that’s the case, we haven’t met afterwards that day right? Then...” “Yes”. “But you just said you like me”. She asked me. “Umm, I really do like you”. I wrote with a blush in my face.

It was nine in the evening, the Chaitra of Pokhara was behaving in different way this year. Humid but more often than the previous years. Still, we unconsciously were made to comfort ourselves under a light blanket. Don’t know the reason, but looks like the global warming impact. Whatsoever, let the world concern more on it, that moment, what I know was that I was on cloud nine.

Two sad emotions forced from the other side, I could feel it. We were chatting on Viber, I pulled out the gut to ask her number last time we chatted on Facebook. At first, she didn’t give the number but at the end of the chat, she gave to me. Aside of her restrictions on calls and messages on the number, I did it. Few scolding on the initial but what more matters was her texts. I too asked her going out on “JUST FOR COFFEE” kind of date, but she always replied as a normal girl would say. “I know about guys like you!”. However she hasn’t stopped talking to me. She is different than others.

“It’s not that I started falling in love the day I first saw you, but it’s true. I like you. Your picture and you are captured in my mind since the day.’ “My picture! Ohh. Can I know how am I in the picture?” “Beautiful”. “Just beautiful?” “Precious, trust me Mona Lisa is a myth, you are the true art of god.” “You need to learn so much in praising a girl. I doubt but well tried.” “The princess has all right to doubt, but I promise to clear each doubt each time.” I thought the message this time looks so dull and incomplete, so I added few love hearts with it. We met a month ago in a street festival. She was the friend of one of my friend, I send her request, request accepted after few more days, exchanged few reactions on posts and stories. Then we started texting each other.

“From when I am your princess??”. “You are my queen”, I typed but looked so stereotype text to send. I deleted and retyped, “You are the princess of your father and mother and you were born to rule hearts of many.” This text is also not that great line, but i don’t know I strongly feel like to send the moment I typed. After sending, before the next reply, my heart pulsed so hardly. “Many?” she asked. “Prince!! “ I replied. “Thank you, mister, who trying to be prince, I guess. But these flirty lines not going to work on me! I am not like other girls.” “Thank you!” I replied. “But why????”, I could sense the urgency of answer in this reply. “For not being same as any other girls. You are just perfect the way you are. That’s the reason I fell for you.” “So finally, you admit that you fell for me. But remember, we have met just once. I may not be as good as you thinking. I may be cruel, I may be crazy, I may be mad, anything, demon beside this face.” “Oh really, I will stop following you then.” I replied to her message. “Bye! You just proved what you are.” “Sorry, sorry! Just kidding. Your par level of craziness is the pill for my life.” “I don’t believe who changes colour with time.” “I was just kidding k, oh! Princess of craziness please forgive this poor soul. I will do anything to pardon my mistake and am ready to face any punishment!” “Any punishment”. The reply was very fast. I had fallen in the trap of hers. No was not the option at all. So I texted, any punishment my lord. She laughed at my reply. “Ok! Goodnight. I am sleeping now!” “So fast, but why?” I replied within a second. “Oh! Hello, I have strict habits, I am not sparing my habits for random guys flirt.” That was her reply. “Random guy, now this hurt. Flirt is still okay.” Now, it was my turn to express my moody expression to her. “Say sorry” she replied like it was mine mistake. But why she must be angry, I must be angry as per the script, right! But no, she is angry. Girls are so unpredictable.

“Me, sorry, why, you just told me random and still you want apologies from me.” “Because you just admitted the fact that you are flirting with me.” “But with you saying me random guy, I am into tears. God going to punish you for these tears of innocent person of me.” “No, no, no! You such an idiot. Plus, dramatic and negative marking for bad acting.” “Sorry!” I apologized. She with sense of curiosity asked “Why?”. “I am not flirting; I am saying what I genuinely feel for you.” “I am also sorry for saying Random, you aren’t random guy.” She replied with few heart emoticon. “I am not random, ohh! Happiness exceeding and heart feeling something - something.” “Don’t overthink.” “Ha ha, okay. Kidding. Sleeping or changing habit for a random guy.” “Youuu!! I am sleeping, you too sleep.” “One thing!” I asked. “???” She replied. I asked either we can have meet over coffee house tomorrow at 4. “See you today if I made any mood to meet this random guy for second time.” Already past 12. “Okay, Princess, as you wish. Goodnight. See you.” “Goodnight, sweet dreams. Take care. Bye”, she texted.