Few feet Apart.

Few feet Apart.

“Bibek”, she messaged just before I was about to turn off the WiFi.

Cold outside, you all know what Pokhara serves in the mid-winter. Too cold, one blanket is never enough to comfort us. Already had switched off the light, was about to switch off my eyes too.

“Ohh! Somebody messaged me, Can’t believe my eyes.” I replied with winky emoticons.


She Fired some angry emoticons.

I called her, she received the call in a microsecond.

“Hello, angry girl.”

“I am not talking with you.”

“I heard something like this a few hours back.”

She always does this, her mood and her anger swing more than the bouncy tracks of Lords Cricket Stadium.

We had this conversation the same day a few hours back, which ended with a romantic fight.

“I will never call you, never going talk to you, ever and this ever is for true. Never.”

I just said, “Okay my angry flappy bird, see you never.”

“I hate you” she replied.

I was blushing by this side, however, Replied to her, “I hate you 3000, and always remember, I hate you the most. Don’t call me, keep it in your mind, don’t call me.”

“I hate you even more.” she continuously copy-pasted this.

“How was the day?” she looked even more beautiful when the ray of the LED light kisses so softly by her lips, the glow I see in those sparkling eyes, I wish I had words for it. The reasons we are together, her love for me, that endless love which a fight can never end. She is crazy, that craziness drives me mad each day, makes us closer each time, deep inside i miss her, she misses me even more. Different cities, the overloaded pressure on my head, her studies, our respective dreams, the small world we build each day under the canopy of respect and attachment we share, and the miracle of how we see each other life, we are stronger, just perfect regardless the imperfections we own.

“I missed my heart and finished the whole damn chapter. Bibek, I know I will crack the job, I feel it.” I felt the child, I felt the emotions in those words, a dream, a charisma in her eyes. So vulnerable she, yet so fighter, I just paralyze in those symmetrical eye-lined contours of lips and those deep eyes.

“You going to make me, us proud one day for sure.”

“Didn’t you miss me?”, She wanted to feel special, she was special but that’s she, we all want to be missed by someone, loved by someone, that someone that sees us differently, that treats us especially.

“Nah, why would I miss you, Sorry!” I said with a winky smile.

“Goodbye, Goodnight, I don’t wanna talk to you, I just wanna kill you!”

“Pagal! I hate you.”

“I know.”

Knock! knock,

“what’s up, man?”

“Water!”, “talking with vauju??”


“Was it Samir?” She asked me after my roommate returned.

“Umm, Came by to drink water.”

“Why did you choose the kitchen to sleep in?” She asked.

“We can only afford two rooms, one kitchen, and a bedroom, let’s just say we fought head to toe and I landed here.”

“Pretty bad luck my man” She laughed after saying this.

“Yep, not gonna argue there. I have you.”

“Ouch, that’s cute. You must do some decent good deeds to get me!”

“And I heard something like Vauju from his mouth, what’s that?”

I said, “Me his bro and you vauju, you know every one of my group calls you vauju. Literally, they never tell your name, always call you Vauju. ‘Apekshya’ equals vauju.”

“Yuck!, Vauju and me, too young to be called by it. I love my Name, call me Apekshya.”

We both laughed.

“Bibek.” She called my name like she is about to say something serious.

“Hajur, Apes,” I call her apes, so ugly in words right, she too chuckles, when I write in the message, but when Invoice, she loves being called by her nickname.

“I fear sometimes of us, you know we have this difference by, I hate this society. “

“Don’t worry, If sasura ba won’t go by our way, we do what every traditional love story couples do, elope away.”

“Be serious Nah!!” She was serious.

“I am serious k, the moment he knew that I love you, he will instantly be like, “hey Simran ji ley Apni Jindagi”. In fact, he won’t doubt to give your sister’s hand too.”

“I swear, I gonna kill you!” She laughed so hard that her elder sister too woke up.

“It’s 12, you still awake, If papa listened, you know we both die.” I was just listening.

“Didi says hi to her dearest, what you call each other, Best Friends. Why you say Best friends to everyone around me. You so ruined it’s meaning.”

I laughed, “she is my best among every others k.”. she smiled.

“I know, what you were talking this afternoon, you both circled me and my habits, I am counting each of your acts. The day, I meet you, I gonna hit you so much.”

“I miss you,” I said.

“I miss you too baby, it’s been three months since I last saw you.”

“I will be there by this New Year, baked something in my mind, you gonna love it.”

“And that is???”

“There is something called SURPRISE in the English dictionary, search its meaning tomorrow,” I said.

I feel the curiousness in her breath.

“I want Kitkats, dairymilk and so much Chocolates, with whatever you have planned. You once said, You gonna buy me chocolates every-time I smile.” And she smiled, increment the total by one.

“I remember everything, But if i could only give you one thing, in between Hug and Chocolates, what would you choose?”

“Chocolates through your lips!” I laughed.

“Okay Boss, Chocolates, lips and something special in your service. What else my Lord?”

“Just you and your love. I really miss you, I miss you so badly.”

“I know, just few months and I will be there.”

There was thundering outside, another reason I hate Pokhara, always raining cats and dogs. I sometimes think Indra Vauman has this terrible problem with Pokhreli People.

And when it thunders, I fear the most, often I sleep alongside Samir, he hates it but I am a terrible person to handle it alone, he bears this. Had to, he is my best pal.

“Is it thundering there too?” she lives in Chitwan, 140KM apart, the weather is almost the same in both the place.

“Umm, pretty badly.”

“You going to the other room to sleep?” she asked with a caring sense. It’s weird how we love others right, how hormones works when the person we care is in problem, so complex structure we develop in coarse of evolution.

“No not today may be? I want to win over my fear this time.”

“Ohh ho, Strong Boy. Be careful, if you feel uncomfortable, please don’t disturb me.”

“And now, you’re so dead.”

“I think we should sleep now, its already 1, you have to go by office tomorrow right?”

“Umm yar, I hate the Job, I wanna do something on my own, my own office, my own ideas, just few people but we build something that makes sense to the purpose of my living.”

“You will do it, I have full faith on you, One day you standing infront of thousands, inspiring them to dream high, motivating to follow the heart, I be in the corner of the room cheering for all your achievements.”

Then suddenly it hit me, this is what I said I would be during those days of colleges. But nothing has changed, same Pokhara, same rainfalls, her on the phone and the same roomie. What am I doing?

“You are my strength, Never be in the corner, always by my side at whatever I achieve.”

“I love you, talk to you tomorrow, If you say something more, I gonna cry.” She was literally on tears, the tears of love, the future we hold together that’s just grows with each sunshine.

“Bye, I love you too.”

Then as usual I went back to existential crisis…