Why the Government of Nepal should invest more in IoT?

Why the Government of Nepal should invest more in IoT?

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Digitalization of the world has already almost reached its zenith and with evolving technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Automated Technology, Augmented Reality, Digital Twin, 5G Network, and IoT, the template of human civilization is at its peak. If only we could put our mind into something extraordinary and then boom, technology comes into play, ideas are executed and things can happen.

Even though there`s a worldwide impact of such technologies, Nepal has still been very behind to use them for betterment. We have always relied on traditional technological tools that haven’t been productive for us. Nepal hasn’t yet invested in a prime technology which as a result has made us unable to utilize our own potential. So, it’s already time for us to take some bold moves and cultivate an environment for cutting edge technology. The Internet of Things could be the ideal one with which we can boost our way ahead.

Internet of Things:

Wikipedia defines The Internet of things (IoT) as the extension of internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. IoT enables devices to interact with the internet embedded with electronics and sensors which can be controlled and monitored remotely. On a large scale, it covers other fields like AI, embedded systems and automation. It embraces traditional technologies to advanced form. This technology came to highlight a decade ago and is one of the technological trends of today.

Source: InternetSource: Internet

Internet of Things and Nepal:

As mentioned above, IoT could be the ideal technological investment for a country like Nepal. Progressively, things are changing. The world is taking benefit from IoT, so it’s high time to take action. Some of the ways the Nepal Government can take benefit from IoT are mentioned below;

  • One of our aims is to create smart homes, smart cities, smart nation, smart cards, and ultimately smart citizens. For the very purpose, we must do some out of the box thinking and executions. The cities must be equipped with IoT controlled Traffic lights, smart parking areas, WiFi access areas, and properly planned transportation facilities. The real data manipulation and analysis will be the heart of such smart hubs. In such a scenario without the use of IoT powered technology, these concepts will only remain as words, nothing much.

  • As a well-known fact, every year Nepal faces huge losses due to calamities like floods, landslides and many more. The shattering earthquake is still on our minds. Different Countries have proven to out predict them meaning its already known if the calamities will strike or not but not us, we haven’t been able to do so. It all comes down to the use of mind and tech. If we can install IoT based sensors in dams and riversides, have IoT based, sensors that can analyze the water level and speed in real-time, sensors that can calculate the speed of wind-blowing and monitor rainfall over the certain range with GIS and satellite communication could be handy in the prediction of such natural catastrophes. The following awareness about the upcoming event of disasters could save hundreds of lives and millions of wealth. Not only this, real-time communication is what IoT potent to have.

  • Nepal is an agrarian country and agriculture is the sole of the income of our country. But we are facing the same problem in this sector too. We are using old-traditional tools and mechanisms in agriculture. In Agriculture, we can also Integrate IoT. If we use the Internet of Things, we can obtain real-time data of conditions like humanity, air, soil and condition fo crops. The health condition of animals can be obtained and it can be improved with the use of technology. Similarly, with the smart irrigation concept, the dependency of monsoon can be ended as technology can self-measure the requirements of crops with time resulting in high productivity with less functional costs.

  • The travel and tourism industry can have a high prospect if there is a proper use of IoT based technologies. The IoT based technology can help the tourists to personalize their needs which ultimately makes the greater customer experience. Not only this they can have seamless transportation controlled by their own mobile device when the connectivity is maximized. They can travel with ease with proper location information, enjoy tourism-related sports and even get rescued in case of need.

  • In addition to the above matters, IoT will create an environment for new investment in the country that will unlock our potential to interact with third countries of the world.


The data collected in real-time will be beneficial and act as a data set for future references. The data so collected when used in ML and AI-based algorithms will make a significant result. Such results could be helpful in the planning of developmental projects. IoT is future technology and the Nepal government must invest in it for the sake of competing with other countries. Long in the future, wars and competitions will be backed by cyber-weapons, and IoT is one of them for developing countries like Nepal, which can serve on high note only if we invested some time and manpower in it.