A Journey Part (i)

A Journey Part (i)

Spoiler alert: “So Much So……”

On Feb 12, 2020, I feel like I did something that I hadn’t done before. I gave a presentation to around 50 people with full confidence, no shivering legs, no broken mind, no sweety palm, no fumbling of words and no dry lips (Sorry, I am joking for this one). From the first slide, I felt like my lips were getting as dry as I am in the center of Sahara Desert (Shit! Bad phrase).

I was prepared with the slide a week ago, I pulled, pushed the ideas and slides from the community that I was engaged on and then merged all of it. I had that idea running in my mind, I will deliver the best presentation that everyone in the room has been seen. But, 29 freaking slides. What? Yeah, a freaking number of slides, guess how bored anyone will be in the room will be watching me trying to explain 29 slides with each point on it. The first rule of the presentation I learned at the end of the day, “Keep Slides the less as you can”. Next time, things will turn round.

The second law of presentation that I violated, “Keep memes in-between”. Fuck hell! I didn’t do it. How the hell in the world, I can miss it. Next time, a to-do list when having a presentation, Memes mandatory.

Enough jokes for the day. Let’s dive into the serious talk. My journey of being a Speaker.

Last Dashain, I applied for Microsoft Student Partner, which I wanted to be for a long time ago. I also tried for GitHub Campus expert but couldn’t be for various reasons. So, there was no sure chance of me getting an opportunity to be MSP. But last January, I got the confirmation mail from Microsoft. And I became an MSP. The biggest student partnership program in the world.

Then follow a mandatory post on Facebook. “Started job at Microsoft”. I sometimes wonder how stimulation works on our mind, (The topic let be assumed on the next blog). Congratulation received friends and family. A proud moment anyone can have as a student, to get a partnership from Microsoft. The learning path, promotion to the second stage of the program and trying hard to achieve on the third level.

Now the big day. To give a presentation for everyone who wishes to be MSP.

(That will follow on the next blog Part II of this series.)