When the light’s bit shady

When the light’s bit shady

When the light’s bit shady

The thirst in you dwells my land

My land is a slum of unprotected souls

Where your traces, protected with rubber.


I mastered to lure your hunger

You mastered to bargain mine

Irony, it gets a different name

You head up and I lost in day life-line.


Small me, hoped for an arm to rest

Every arm I now rest, sprinkle my chest

Rotten I ate were enough to live,

Fresh I now eat tears me down to hell.


Sometimes, a hope abides on a full moon

Light full of satisfaction asides

Canopies build stoned with affection

Which darkness pours the art, I reside.


The world rounds, the stars twinkle

So will the glooming moon shines,

Me sleeping with a smile underneath it

A craft that no one can take away.


Note: This poem is written taking a prostitute as the main character.