November Rain

November Rain

A blue kurta girl soaked in rain, trying not to further. Was she playing hide and seek with the rain? Aah, nostalgic.

How someone could feel so much of close just in fickle of seconds” She did that.

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Slight drizzle followed by the sudden cats and dogs making the way for a downpour. unusual in a way, November doesn’t call cloudburst. But this time, it did with a sense of humor in the air.

Pokhara, badly known for untimely rainfall added one more incident to its hall of fame. I don’t call it an honor, I better call it disgust. Basically, I hate rain, it disturbs isolation which I prefer the most, I believe in Punctuality. Rainfall sucks the hell out of the word “Punctuality”, I am not that stereotypes who says, it natural. But Nature needs to be punctual, right? Nevermind, I don’t need your answer. All I need is that coffee I ordered a few minutes ago.

I am possibly in the best coffeehouse in Pokhara. If I am addicted to something, it’s always been caffeine and fighting blank paper to ink love and lust thoughts. I remember once someone asked me why I am so dedicated to these niches. I replied, ‘“Everyone fantasizes what they haven’t got yet”. Enough inner-me talks. Let’s return to the moment. Finally here comes my coffee Mocha, all thanks to the punctual waitress.

Grabbing my umbrella and my airpods I started walking home. A blue kurta girl soaked in rain, trying not to further. Was she playing hide and seek with the rain? Aah, nostalgic. My legs paralyzed with that sight of her. An oval face with celestial nose in between those upturned eyes perfectly set upon the base of heart faced lips. On top of that, her faux waterfall hairstyle of which few passing by the middle of right eyes even after she collects and accumulates with rest. Really an adorable face to remember under the rainfall when minimal light is lighting up the place. Indeed I saw a charming face to craft a poem on.

“Oh! I am………”

Hello Are your listening”

/A deep silence/

A wave, in fact, a strong wave to make sure I am still there. She lends me a hand to shake, I did as she says.

“And yours?”



“? Name”

“Is there a name or something that you are called by?”

“Oh! Sorry, Bibek.”

Had she told her name? Shit, shit I missed it.

Even in the rain, the heat is melting me down. My heart’s racing and feet shivering. This has never happened before.

/Silence for a minute/

“Bibek, Bibek”, a sudden striking pat on my shoulder. Back to reality. I did lose my past, where she told her name. If I could travel that alternate dimension and relive that past, nevertheless it is just another word to sympathize with the reality.

“You okay with me sharing your umbrella, looks like you are dead lost”. I wasn’t I conformed.

“So you too love rain.”

I remained silent.

I understood, you don’t want to talk to a stranger like me”

No, it’s not like that.”

“Just kidding,’’ she said.

Yes, she isn’t a stranger, she is at present the most known girl of my life. I myself am a stranger, it feels like I know her for centuries. How someone could feel so much of close just in fickle of seconds” She did that, I am inflated by her. She made me lost within the moment.

“So you love rain as I do.”

“No!” /I shouldn’t have gone with a single word./


“Just don’t like.”

“Oh! Boy.”

She grabbed my hand, took the shaft of my umbrella and took away from me. All of sudden, those freaking cubic centimeters water drops engulfed me. The rain made a way to the ground through my body. I wet, the same unpunctual rainfall poured its existence upon me.

But more to this, I didn’t feel bad about it because she was there enjoying it. The rain was happy to finally found its counterpart in hide and seek. Now, will the rain die and she will act as a seeker or its just a one-way game. She always hides, just the rain seeks her to furnish its power within her. Whatsoever is this game, she is enjoying.

“Do you know, I have this strange allergy to rainfall.

My body can’t endure rainwater for long, sulfate ions are dreadful for my skin. Yet, I like to soak up in the rain just because my soul loves to explore the world within each raindrop. It’s funny how my body and soul diverge. I listen to my heart. Such a weirdo me, right?”

/She continued./

“I love the rain for various reasons. It molds us life learning lessons, It verse us to be pure, to adapt to the changes around us, to let go and live life to the fullest. In fact, it makes us realize whatever we think we are, we will all end up beneath the ground. Why suffer and show stingy nature when the end is sure.”

“Did you enjoy wetting in the mizzle.”

I nodded.

“Oh! Silencer boy, don’t your heart says to talk. You are something different.”

I didn’t realize I had no time. If only I had known, maybe I`d speak some words and make a conversation with her. But soon she said, “Here’s my place; now I have to go. Thanks for the moment Bibek. You are surely a person to remember. See you. Bye”

After she was gone, some part of me hated myself. I should’ve talked, she seemed as if i knew her forever. Thoughts started popping in mind. “Are we going to meet again? When, how, why? “What you seek is seeking you”, but I`m not even sure if I do seek her. I’ve always somehow hated rain, so is the way of nature telling me guilty?

I couldn’t help but think this is me. I always ruin good things. Hell, how can I not like these rainfalls? I always pretend to be aloof, a dysfunctional society survivor and maybe I`m. Although even just for a moment, I feel like I lost myself there.

“Above the traces of crying clouds

Two souls hooding the same canopy

Piercing boundaries of strangers

Exploding themselves in each drop of rain………”