Who Is Bibek?

Hi! I am Bibek, Bibek Chalise From Nepal.


I quote on myself, "Sometimes an explorer, Sometimes a Writer but most often a lazy sloth Bear".

The best result is expected when Perfect Enthusiasm meets the perfect platform. I have Always been Fascinated with Data Science, Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and in recent times, I have sharpened my skills in these areas. With sound Knowledge in Computer Vision and keen interest in Natural Language Processing, I stand tall as the perfect candidate you are looking for. I possess the ability to manage myself with patience in new situations and create a healthy environment. While pursuing a Computer Engineering degree, I have rounded the tech skill sets with python, PyTorch and TensorFlow as major frameworks for data science.

I have previous experience working with large datasets and several Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms. And I have done work that requires good knowledge of Deep Learning, Python, PyTorch and its associated libraries.